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Sparkler is a quick visual information saving application that allows storing many different types of information such as notes, web clips, files, images and many more. Unlike clunky note taking apps, Sparkler stores information on an interactive map so you can explore around, go between the relations or pinpoint-search and grab what you need.

June 2019 - July 2019

Hero Training

Draper University

Draper University is one of Silicon Valley's top tier entrepreneurship program founded by 3rd generation Venture Capital, Tim Draper, focused on teaching entrepreneurship. I have learned from top-tier venture capitalists and entrepreneurs while building a strong network of lifelong mentors & friends.

Sep 2017 - Agu 2019

CEO, Co-Founder

Hexatech Inc.

Hexatech is an innovative technology development company specialized in electronic design, wired-wireless communication, and internet of things (IoT). In Hexatech we have developed a low-cost, customizable, end-to-end industrial IoT product that helps decision-makers to smartly digitalize their processes in industrial facilities. Right now our products are working 138 renewable energy facilities.

May 2018 - June 2019

Part-time Lecturer

TOBB University of Economics and Technology

I have been giving part-time lectures for Electronic Prototyping Class, in the department of Industrial Design at TOBB University. During the class my students assigned to build a garbage collector autonomous drone boat which made of fiberglass and controlled with some basic electronic development boards.

Sep 2017 - Agu 2018


Bitcraft Ltd.

Bitcraft was an innovative ed-tech company. In Bitcraft we have worked on developing a toy controlled by a mobile app that teaches kids 'how to code'. We have won a government grant with the idea and we have successfully build the prototype/POC but failed to commercialize the product.

Sep 2016 - Agu 2017

R&D Director


SAY AR-GE is an Istanbul based R&D company. In SAY I have led a small technical team and worked on a mid-tech industrial project. After a year we have successfully designed a multi-protocol atomic satellite clock which is now working more than 300 industrial facilities.

May 2015 - Apr 2016

R&D Engineer

Endoks Energy

In Endoks Energy, I was part of an R&D team that developed a full-stack power quality monitoring system. As an R&D Engineer, I have done several tasks in here. I have worked as a system administrator and also as a database specialist.


2017 - 2018

Master of Science - Electrical & Electronics Engineering

TOBB University of Economics and Technology

I started studying my Master's Degree at TOBB University. I got a lot of classes on advance programming and computer networking. However, I suspended studying after a year because of focusing more on my startup.

2008 - 2015

Bachelor of Science - Electrical & Electronics Engineering

TOBB University of Economics and Technology

I got my Bachelor's Degree at TOBB University. While studying, besides my major classes I took a lot of non-mandatory computer science classes. I created web interfaces, databases, server-side scripts.

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Ibrahim Cakir Former Partner / Hexatech Inc.

He is the guy who's capable of setting people on fire even for doing the dishes. Having him as a partner is certainly one of the most intense and cherish experience


Busra Yildiz Ex-Girlfriend

He is very bright and spontaneous but he is hard to deal with. As a human he's great guy, but in terms of getting into a relationship, I don't recommend him.


Ayse Bagci Mom

If he had not been involved with this entrepreneurship things, he would probably got married and I would probably had my grandchildren...